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Welcome to Massage Local Website. We are an advertising website for promoting local  Massage Businesses and freelance massage therapists. This website provides business information and contacts in different locations all over the world with details presented on our map page. Tourists, travelers, or people who want to use these local massage services can search information about locations and services in the destination countries and make appointment with them in advance before travelling.


To make all parties understand similarly, please read the following terms.


  • Website Visitors, information searchers, or service users are referred to as “Guest Visitors”.

  • Business owners who are members to promote their business through this website are referred to as “Member”

  • Applicants and our teams are referred to as “Sale Marketing”.


Terms & Use: 

Massage Local Website is a middleman to disclose information of the “Member” who register with us for advertising the “Member’s” business through various channels of social media in order to increase sales as well as for promoting the “Member’s” business to be well-known. Therefore, the information in the application of the “Member” is used to create “Member Profile” to publicly disclose information about the business name, telephone number, address ( If the “Member” would like the “Guest Visitor” to use the service at the “Member” location, please specify for us to disclose the address.), website, email, social media, and photos of the “Member’s” business. We do not disclose confidential and personal information such as first name, surname, and payment details of the “Member”.

Therefore, the disclosed information of the “Member” must be agreed in our terms and conditions to use our service. We do not have any policy to charge additional fees from the “Member” to lead or conceal business contact information between “Member” and “Guest Visitor”, and we do not have policy for “Guest Visitor” review, comment, or star rating in order to prevent ill-wishers from undermining the “Member’s” business.


Our website policy is not concerned with any kind of prostitution. To pay respect to every party, we request for collaboration from “Guest Visitor” and “Member” to contact business with respect and politeness.


Our website is just a representative for disseminating the business information of our “Member”. We do not take any responsibility between “Member” and “Guest Visitor”. After the “Guest Visitor” gets contact with the “Member”, the “Guest Visitor” may be requested to give information about first name, surname, address, telephone number, or citizen identification as well as to make deposit in advance to confirm the appointment.


The “Sale Marketing” is responsible for giving cares to the “Member” in his/her responsible areas. The “Sale Marketing” sends invitation letter to local spa parlors to be our website members. The “Member” applicant can select a plan and a gift certificate as a discount and sales promotion for “Guest Visitor” to use the service of the “Member” who registers with our website.


The “Sale Marketing” is responsible for giving care to the “Member” and promotes the local business of the “Member”. After the “Member” joins us, we manage to make a businesses profile within 1-3 official days. The “Member” will have his/her business profile presented on our map locations and gets the example of the gift certificate. We are responsible for promoting the “Member’s” profile through various channels of social media as well as running search engine optimize (SEO) for the “Member’s” business.

If you have any question please contact

Massage Local Team

Athenas Massage LLC

2510 E Sunset Rd., Ste 686  Las vegas NV 89120  United State

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